Turkish viewer will not see The Protector?

The Protector

The Protector

Experts of the Turkish state censorship agency RTÜK have prepared a document that regulates the granting of licenses for broadcasting on the Internet. The document includes streaming platforms such as Netflix, Puhu TV, and Blu TV, but excludes platforms created for individual use as Youtube. Thus, the law on Internet censorship, which was adopted in Turkey, acquired quite visible forms.

The main problem between the Turkish authorities represented by RTUK and Netflix is ​​not in censorship itself, but the requirement to provide all information about the users who use the service in Turkey. Netflix categorically refuses to provide sensitive subscriber data. In case of refusal to comply with the requirements of RTUK, it will block access to Netflix in the country. Thus, Turkey will become the first country in the world to officially ban access to the streaming platform. There is a threat that the Turks will see The Protector series only through pirate channels if they see it at all

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