Netflix is ​​preparing four series for Turkey

Beren Saat

Beren Saat

Internet platform began an active phase of work in the Turkish media market. The company has signed the contract with Beren Saat for the second series. Recall that after the TV series The Magnificent Century: Kesem, the star took a long vacation and was not on the screen for almost three years. During this time, the O3 Medya television company was preparing for her a project codenamed Dynasty, the script for which was written first by Kerem Deren and then Nuran Evren Sit.

entered the Turkish market with four new series. The name of one is already known – it is the Fatih – docu-drama, which will be prepared by the Karga 7 Pictures. In which of the four TV shows will be Beren Saat is not yet known. Assumptions are very different, but so far the project has not been announced officially, it still remains at the level of assumptions.

The first assumption is that Beren will act in the series Dynasty, which prepared O3 Medya for Netflix. So the information that this project was prepared for her from the very beginning is actually confirmed. Another proposal is that it would be the series of Karga 7 Pictures, which will be directed by the brothers Yagmur and Durul Taylan, known for their work in the TV series The Magnificent Century and Wounded Love.

One thing is clear – this series will be feminine and focused on a female audience. The official announcement of Netflix about the second project will be made to the press and the audience on December 14 on the day of the release of the first joint Turkish-American TV series Netflix “The Protector”.

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