The results of “Cesur ve Güzel” in Spain disappointed

The company Mediaset is doing everything possible to raise interest in the TV series “Cesur ve Güzel” in Spain. Frustrated by the results of the first episode, it decided to broadcast the second episode of the project on one of the country’s leading TV channels Telecinco. As a result, the audience of the series expectedly rose to 1.180.000 viewers and 9.1% share on Telecinco and 344.000 and 2.7% share on Divinity.

Alas, the numbers do not look so optimistic, as Telecinco usually has from 3 to 4.6 million viewers and a 17% – 27% share on television programs familiar to the Spanish viewer. We can say that the management made serious sacrifices, dropping the audience almost twice.

This is not the first time that Mediaset has arranged such a broadcast. The first was the screening of the “” series, which gathered 15.1% share and 1.681 million viewers on the company’s channels, which is significantly higher than “Cesur ve Güzel”. Let’s see how the audience will behave today when the series will be shown only on Divinity

Recall that Divinity and Nova are two relatively young TV channels (Nova broadcasts from 2009, Divinity from 2011), which have the Turkish products. However, the Nova policy on the purchase of Turkish TV series looks much more literate. Series of this channel are usually far ahead of the concurrent. So far, the most successful of the Turkish products shown is the series in “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?”, that by the end had 854 thousand viewers or a 6.2% share without any backing from the leading TV channels.

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