Neslihan Atagül answered the question about pregnancy

As it is known, the favorite occupation of Turkish journalists is to find out whether the married actress is pregnant or not. The last victim of the rumors was Neslihan Atagül, who just moved with her husband to the more spacious house, that immediately forced the paparazzi to conclude: she was pregnant!

However, everything turned out to be more prosaic. Yesterday Neslihan was spotted in the Zorlu shopping center, where she spent some time in the company of a friend. At the exit from the mall, reporters asked about the pregnancy and got a predictable answer: there is nothing like that. Neslihan is very surprised that such news comes out and if she becomes pregnant, she will surely share the joy with journalists, but so far, alas, the heir to Doğulu family is in no hurry to appear.

By the way, recently the spouse of actress also commented on the situation around the child, saying that they really want the baby, but they are waiting for the right moment to come.

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