New Turkish Series coming in Summer 2019

The summer period on Turkish television is the period of the “vacation” of all the leading serial projects of the country. Every year the small companies are trying to capture the empty niche by offering light comedy products. This year, however, we will see the changes in the usual television practice. This time, even large companies do not avoid summer shows, having entered the race for the viewer in summer. So, what serials are waiting for us in the summer of 2019?

My sweet lie / Benim Tatlı Yalanım

The big production company O3 Medya, that also made such TV shows as Wounded Love / Vatanim Sensin, Evermore / Istanbullu Gelin and the Protector for the first time makes the summer series. Starring: Furkan Palalı, Aslı Bekiroğlu and Lavinya Ünlüer. The story tells of a single father, Necat Yilmaz, who was abandoned by his wife when his daughter was very young. The loving father didn’t want his baby to get hurt because of the mother’s deed. So he told her the story of a good mother who would definitely come back. But here’s the problem: the older the girl became, the more she wanted to meet her mother. In order not to hurt his daughter’s feelings even more, the young father decides to trick her: he meets a girl named Suna, who should become Kayra’s “fake mother”. The story of an innocent lie turns into a story of warm and devoted love.

Love for show / Afili Aşk

Production of a small company ARC Yapım. Directed by Serdar Gözelekli, known for working on the first season of the series Our Story / Bizim Hikaye. Starring: Çağlar Ertuğrul and Burcu Özberk. It is not easy to be the only girl in the family with older brothers. But Ayşe was used to defending herself earning the nickname “bad girl”. When her beloved and best friend betrays her, she sends everyone to hell and for the first time in her life does a bad deed: slanders her chief’s son Kerem. The young man is a playboy and the heir of a huge empire, who does not want to settle down. He forced marrying Ayşe. Family life of a couple promises to be very fun. Of course, in the finale they are waiting for insane love.

You are everywhere / Her Yerde Sen

Production of the Hollywood company Karga Seven Pictures, that has already tried its hand in the Turkish market with the TV series Without Protocol / Kayit Disi. True, the previous project failed, but perhaps they are lucky this time. Starring: Furkan Andiç and Aybüke Pusat. Two young people Demir and Selin bought a house… what could be banaler? Alas, the banality turns into a serious problem when it turns out that they are victims of a dishonest cheater who managed to sell the same dwelling twice. Each of the new tenants believes that he is right and is not going to move out. When someone goes to the principle – there may not be any left: the war for  habitat will be serious. Especially considering the piquant circumstance that Demir is the new chief of Selin, so the military actions will be developed both at home and at work. However, as is customary in summer comedies, everything will surely end with a wedding.

No one knows / Kimse bilmez

Production of a small company Baba Yapım for the ATV channel. Starring: Keremcem and Özgü Kaya. Genre: drama. One night, a young girl named Sevda finds herself at the house of  Ali. The young man lives in a small poor area and apart from the family tragedy, nothing distinguishes him from his neighbors, but he has a big secret. He is well versed in electronics, and also has unique physical capabilities. Thanks to his abilities, he is in the service of intelligence, where he has long worked for the good of the state. However, after losing his family, he gave up everything and decided to live the life of a common man. His main task is to find his missing brother Suleyman, whom everyone calls the pilot because of his passion for airplanes. The appearance of Ali in the life of Sevda will give her new meaning and give him a new love.

My Innermost / Canevim

Production of a small company Koliba Film for the ATV channel. It seems that this time the management of the TV channel decided not to entertain their viewers with comedies during the summer period and ordered two dramas at once. Starring: Biran Damla Yılmaz, Özgür Çevik and Aras Aydın. A classic love triangle is in the center of the plot. Ceylan and Omer love each other and plan to have a wedding. They live modestly in a small poor neighborhood. Omer is an orphan raised by his adoptive mother, Haci. Ceylan grew up with three sisters, helping parents clean out the homes of wealthy people. One day she has to clean up in the mansion of Mrs. Feryal Tanbay, whose son Taylan used to get what he wants. Seeing a beautiful maid, he starts to molest her and gets a slap. This slap will bring a lot of troubles for Ceylan. But not only troubles…

Also in summer the broadcast of The Early Bird / Erkenci Kuş and the Single Heart / Tek Yurek series will continue. Unfortunately, for the time being, both series continue to lose the audience. The Early bird once again changed the scriptwriters, but it did not help. It looks like 50 episodes are the limit for normal comedy, after which the plot starts to go in a circle. A Single heart, despite the excellent cast, was never able to win the hearts of Turkish viewers. It is not difficult to predict that with such dynamics both series will live through the summer and will be closed at the beginning of the autumn season.

Among the novelties, Love for show and Nobody knows got the love of the audience. But My Innermost series, alas, is failing and it is unlikely to live long in the Turkish air. You are everywhere and My sweet lie are still in the position of catching up, but everything can change, because the Turkish audience is quite capricious and unpredictable.

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