Burak Özçivit is ready for shooting of the Resurrection Osman

Burak Özçivit

Burak Özçivit

The ATV channel announces that filming of the most anticipated series of this year Resurrection Osman / Diriliş: Osman starring Burak Özçivit will start soon. We remind you that quite unexpectedly for many viewers the series was transfered from the state television channel TRT1 to the commercial television channel ATV, which is considered to be the most successful serial television channel in Turkey at the present time.

The release date of the project is not yet known. November, December and even January next year are mentioned. Burak Özçivit who signed an agreement with producer Mehmet Bozdag and the television company Bozdağ Film learned horse riding, fencing, archery for a year 8 hours 5 days a week under the guidance of experienced professionals of the Kazakh stunt group Nomad Grubu led by Rahim Muradov. It was this group that did the main tricks on the set of the previous hit the Resurrection Ertugrul / Diriliş: Ertuğrul.

In addition, to get into the character of the founder of the Ottoman Empire Burak spent a lot of time with historians and sociologists, trying to understand the person that he was to embody on the screen.

So far besides of Burak Özçivit, only one name in the cast of the future series is known: this is Ragıp Savaş. He will play the uncle of Osman Dündar Bey. We remind you that after the death of Ertuğrul Bey Dündar was a real contender for the throne, but he gave it to his nephew and became the first Vizier of the newly created state.

Of course, the main intrigue of the cast is the name of the leading lady of the project, who should play the love of the whole life of Osman, Malhun Hatun. Despite the fact that a number of names have already been mentioned in the Turkish press, the producer holds this information in the strictest confidence. Who will play the woman who remained in history not only as the wife of the first sultan, but also because of her outstanding talents is still not known.

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