Demet Özdemir: a new character in a new series

Demet Özdemir

Demet Özdemir

She is a queen of romantic comedies. She is a star of social networks. We were waiting for Demet Özdemir in a new romantic series. But her decision surprised us!

Demet Özdemir is one of the most famous Turkish actresses not only in her native country but also far beyond its borders. She is called the queen of the romcoms (romantic comedies). After successful work in the series N 309 and the Early Bird, she established herself as the heroine of love sagas. Of course, the fans of the actress, and there are many of them on social networks, hope that the next series of Demet will be a romantic comedy. And it seems that there were all the prerequisites for this. Turkish media reported that she signed a contract to work with the company GOLD Film, that did her previous series, and this will again be a romcom.

However, according to the well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, Demet decided to abandon the usual image and try herself in a new dramatic role. The actress signed a contract with OG Medya, known for the Atiye / The Gift series starring Beren Saat. A new show will be released on TV8 channel. The preliminary title of the project is My Home / Evim. This is a dramatic series, based on the famous novel by the writer Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu “Girl behind the Glass”. Thus, Demet has to try herself in a dramatic role. The director of the project is Çağrı Bayrak, who previously worked with Demet in the series Early Bird.

Note that this is not the first time that Demet will play a dramatic role, she had previously starred in the series Kurt Seyit and Shura where she played the same character. Let’s see if she can be as convincing in the role of a suffering Turkish heroine, as she was in the image of a naive sweet girl.

As for Demet’s partner, the most unbelievable rumors have been circulating, starting from Erkan Petekkaya, ending with Berk Atan, but so far the producers have paused and did not reveal his name. The series will be presented to the Turkish audience in January 2020.

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