Demet Ozdemir left Can Yaman behind

Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman

and Can Yaman

They became an unforgettable couple of Turkish romantic comedies. But they took different paths. What awaits and Can Yaman in the future?

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir created a very impressive couple, that was remembered not only by Turkish, but also by foreign viewers. However, after finishing work on the Erkençi Kus / The Daydreamer series, they radically diverged in tactics for promoting their career in Turkish show business.

Can Yaman continues to actively use his look of Can Divit, meets with fans outside of Turkey and speaks highly of his partner in an interview, admitting that he considers their couple of one of the most successful in the history of Turkish series. Of course, in the near future, Can will have to part with his favorite look. In his last interview, he said that in March, the shooting of the new Gold Film series will begin. It will not be a romantic comedy, but still a love story will be in the center of the plot. The actor is confident that he will be able to create an even more memorable character.

But Demet Ozdemir, it seems, completely left her heroine Sanem behind, actively working on a new character. She does not mention her previous work anywhere and does not meet with fans. Even in Cannes, Can went already without her. Demet is preparing to appear before the audience in a dramatic role of a mentally ill girl, and İbrahim Çelikkol will become her new partner. Many viewers are not very happy with the choice of a partner, demanding that in the new series, the actress play along with Can Yaman. To which Demet gave a short but convincing answer: “It was a great time, but it ended.”

We can only wait to see if the new projects of our favorite actors turn out to be as successful as Erkençi Kus / The Daydreamer. In Turkish show business, it is difficult to predict the fate of the series and their leading actors. We can only wish them good luck and follow the development of events.

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