Will Serenay Sarikaya leave Turkish show business?

Serenay Sarikaya

Serenay Sarikaya

Fans of Serenay Sarikaya are looking forward to the return of their beloved actress on the screens. However, the star has other plans. What does Serenay plan to do in the near future?

According to the tabloid Takvim Serenay Sarikaya, who is finishing work in the musical “Alice in Wonderland”, plans to do business with her mother Umran. The actress visited Çanakkale, but this time not to have a vacation, but to find a suitable place to buy a small hotel.

It is assumed that Serenay will open a hotel in either Ayvacik or Assos, investing 2 million Turkish lira. The place will offer customers not only relaxation, but also yoga and meditation lessons. Thus, hotel guests can relax not only physically, but also spiritually.

We remind you that the last and only solo hit in the career of Serenay “Tide” / Medcezir ended 5 years ago. The actress continues to arouse interest because of her vibrant personal life and a successful career in the advertising business, however, in the series, her career has stalled. Moreover, the film about the famous singer Bergen, in which she was supposed to star, was postponed indefinitely. Not surprisingly, the 29-year-old actress decided not to rely only on the fickle Turkish show business, but to take up the hotel business.

However, viewers still do not lose hope of seeing Serenay Sarikaya in the new series. As the actress admits, while she has no offers to work on television, but she will be happy to return and it doesn’t matter – in the series or in the film if producers make her proposals. We can only hope that the producers will find a suitable script for the star, and she will return to the set.

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