Teacher / Öğretmen – a new format of Turkish shows

This series will not be dependent on ratings. This series will replace one of the most popular Turkish projects. This series will be finished by summer. Meet the new format of Turkish television – the series Teacher / Öğretmen! 

In February one of the biggest hits of Turkish television the series Woman / Kadin will make the final. To the surprise of many, the project does not end because the low ratings; on the contrary, the number of viewers can still only cause envy among numerous competitors. The producer of the Medyapim company Fatih Aksoy decided that the story has come to its logical end and it is time to finish it.

However, the favorite series will be replaced by a no less powerful story, that will be done in a new format for Turkish television. And it will be the same Fatih Aksoy who will do the new show. So what is the difference between the series Teacher / Öğretmen, which is being prepared for the Fox TV channel from all other Turkish television projects? According to preliminary information, it will use the format of the original Japanese drama. That is, it will not depend on ratings. One episode is one day in the life of the heroes of a new series. The show will end for final exams in Turkey.

The series is a remake of the Japanese drama Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom that is one of the most popular projects of past year in Japan. It received the best ratings on the air for several years. The plot is based on the story of a drawing teacher who work in college. 10 days before prom, he enters a classroom with 29 students and says, “From now on, you are all hostages.” The hostage students will have to learn another lesson and find out why one of their comrades committed suicide. And who is to blame for what happened.

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was invited to the leading role as a terrorist teacher. His co-star will be Ceren Moray, known for the TV series Yard / Avlu. Also starring Afra Saraçoğlu, Serhat Kiliç, Serkan Keskin and Efekan Can. The directors of the series are Merve Girgin and Koray Kerimoğlu. Filming of the project will start on January 20.

Will Turkish viewers accept the new serial format? If the ratings of the series turn out to be high, would the producer and channel want to renew the show for the second season? We will find out about all this in the very near future.

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