When will Hazal Kaya return to the screens?

When will Hazal Kaya return to the screens? Is our favorite actress going to continue to star in TV shows? These questions are increasingly asked by fans of Hazal. And it looks like we have good news for them!

One of the most beloved Turkish actresses Hazal Kaya pleased her fans with a beautiful appearance, having been at the İstinyePark shopping center for the weekend. The actress talked to reporters, saying that her son is growing healthy and is gaining weight quickly. Hazal also made several purchases and had lunch at the Zuma restaurant.

Recall that just two months ago, Hazal gave birth to her son Fikret Ali and gained weight. The actress herself admitted that this does not really bother her, the baby was healthy. As we can see, she had no reason to be worried: she returned to her usual shape very easily.

The beautiful look of Hazal immediately made fans wonder when would she return to the screens. However, while it is too early to talk about this, the young woman is enjoying family life and may return to work a little later. In the meantime, the spouses receive proposals for joint advertising with their son Fikret Ali. However, the young mother is categorically against it.

Many journalists suggest that most likely the star would prefer to work on a digital platform, where the work is much less intense than on free television and this will allow her to continue to take care of her son and husband. In this case, she may return to work in the fall.

When will Hazal Kaya return to the screens? Will it be Turkish television or a digital platform? For now, we can only speculate. However, one thing is certain: Hazal herself has repeatedly admitted that she is not going to leave the profession and will continue to star in TV shows. We can only wait for the good news from the manager of the actress and wish her good luck.

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