Rating of Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB on April 20, 2020

Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB

Turkish TV shows in IMDB

Last week, the trends in the international movie database IMDB remained stable. The series has confidently held the lead among the original Turkish Netflix projects, proving once again that it is currently the most popular original Turkish series of the platform. On Friday, Netflix users will see a new Turkish project – the series Love 101, which is expected to break ahead in two to three weeks, like any new show. However, whether it can hold the lead or concede it will depend only on the quality of the series.

This is exactly what happened with the film Miracle in Cell N 7 (which, however, is not the original Netflix production). Thanks to the admiring responses of such stars as Neymar, Douglas Costa and the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo, the film of Aras Bulut İynemli,  again aroused interest, rising from 48th to 41st position among all the films of the base.

This week’s IMDB rating is as follows:

🦊 Television shows:

The Protector – 501⬇ (-80)
Rise of Empires: Ottoman, – 690⬇ (-40)
The Gift – 1124⬇ (-72)

🦊 All world movie production:

The Protector – 1264⬇ (-252)
Rise of Empires: Ottoman, 2012⬇ (-176)
The Gift – 3872⬇ (-344)

We remind you that the rating in the database is calculated based on the preferences of 250 million regular users of IMDB and is a very serious indicator for producers.

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