Did Çağlar Ertuğrul fall in love with Meryem Uzerli?

Did Çağlar Ertuğrul fall in love with Meryem Uzerli?

Did fall in love with Meryem Uzerli?

Has broken up with his sweetheart? What is going on between him and Meryem Uzerli? We tried to understand the new sensational statements of the Turkish press.

The Turkish press loves to quarrel and reconcile actor couples. Especially for those who have been in a stable relationship for a long time. So the other day, it was reported that Çağlar Ertuğrul had broken up with his beloved Kayla Manukyan. Recall that the couple have been together for more than three years. The actor hastened to refute this information, advising his fans not to pay attention to everything that is written on social media.

However, it seems that the Turkish tabloids was not at all embarrassed. Today they published sensational information that Çağlar nevertheless broke up with his sweetheart, and the cause of the separation was Meryem Uzerli. According to the paparazzi, before the epidemic, Çağlar and Meryem began working on a new film and the young actor was very impressed with his co-star. Communication continued in quarantine, which Kayla disliked, and preferred to end the relationship.

Alas, the lifting of quarantine in Turkey seems to have freed not only the citizens of the country, but also unleashed imagination of the Turkish press, which began to fantasize. We can only guess who will be its next victim.

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