Ozan Güven faces 13 years in prison

The prosecutor’s office conducted a preliminary investigation against Ozan Güven, who beat his girlfriend Deniz Bulutsuz and found the actor guilty of committing illegal actions against the girl.

A criminal case has been opened against Mr. Güven on charges of insulting, forcibly depriving a person of his freedom, and intentionally causing harm to the health of a person. According to the charges, Ozan Güven faces a sentence of 3 years and 8 months to 13.5 years in prison. After an appropriate investigation, the case will be referred to the court, which will determine the punishment.

The case against Deniz Bulutsuz, who was accused of beating Ozan Güven, was closed and transferred to the reconciliation bureau (considering ordinary squabbles that are not subject to criminal prosecution).

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