Duygu Sarışın on breakup with Çağatay Ulusoy

Personal life and extra pounds of continue to excite the imagination of the Turkish press. As the actor is, as usual, out of range, the paparazzi’s questions are answered by his beloved .

Duygu Sarışın, who was spotted with friends in one of the cafés in Etiler, gave a short interview to the press. When asked what she thought about the news of the breakup with her sweetheart Çağatay Ulusoy, the actress stated that the press always wrote something like this, three or four times according to journalists.  In fact, in every relationship there is a place for quarrels, she sometimes quarrels with her sister, but she and Çağatay did not break up, nothing like that.

Regarding recent photographs of the actor where his weight was visible, Duygu advised to ask Çağatay when he was met. But in fact, he is not as fat as he looked in the photographs, Çağatay always watches his appearance, the photos are badly distorted, and they are surprised to see them. When they see the actor, they’ll see for themselves.

To the delight of the fans, there is very little time left to wait for this moment. Çağatay will appear in the third episode of the Call My Agent series, which starts on Star TV, as a guest star. He is also preparing to return to the screens of Turkey with a new project. We will find out what this project is very soon.

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