Fahriye Evcen returns to Turkish TV series?

Fahriye Evcen returns to Turkish TV series?

returns to Turkish TV series?

Is it true that will return with a new TV show? The journalists asked the actress and her response encouraged the fans. What did the star say?

Burak Özçivit and Fahriye Evcen were spotted in the Nisantasi district, where they gave a short press interview. The celebrity couple said that this year they celebrated the New Year at home with their family, and it was fun.

When asked if the information that she is going to return to the screens of Turkey in the new series is true, Fahriye said that she would return to the screens when she finds the right project. There are plans, but so far she does not have a specific TV show. What it is like to be a working mom, she doesn’t know yet, but she thinks she will get used to it.

The Turkish press immediately wrote that the Özçivit couple started looking for a nanny who would take care of Karan Özçivit. However, journalists are clearly in too hurry. If Fahriye returns to the screens, it will only happen in the next season, that is, in September, and they still have enough time before that.

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