Ambassador’s Daughter: Neslihan Atagül left, Tuba Büyüküstün came

Ambassador's Daughter: Neslihan Atagül left, Tuba Büyüküstün came

Ambassador’s Daughter: left, came

The Turkish viewer is very unhappy if the leading actors leave the show. Alas, they experienced something similar this week when they received information that the star of the series Ambassador’s Daughter Neslihan Atagül had left the project. However, an even more unexpected surprise awaited them – one of the most beloved Turkish actresses became the new star of the series. What happened?

The production company O3 Medya regrets to report that because of health problems, Neslihan Atagül cannot take part in the filming of the series Ambassador’s Daughter, and therefore the script was changed. There will be no Neslihan in the new episodes of the project. The producers wish her a speedy recovery.

In turn, the actress said goodbye to the team of the TV show and promised her fans a meeting in a new project. Thus, she officially left the series Ambassador’s Daughter.

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