Serenay Sarıkaya spoke about her projects and Cem Yilmaz

Serenay Sarıkaya spoke about her projects and Cem Yilmaz

spoke about her projects and Cem Yilmaz

What happened to Serenay Sarıkaya’s film? Will she be filming the series on a digital platform? Has she made up with Cem Yilmaz? The journalists learned about all this from the actress, who gave a short interview.

After Serenay Sarıkaya liked the photo of Cem Yilmaz, the Turkish press decided to discuss whether the former lovers had reconciled. However, the famous comedian refuted this suggestion, stating that he and Serenay had not quarreled, having broke up peacefully, therefore, they had no reason to reconcile. But they are not together.

After Cem’s statement, Serenay Sarıkaya also decided to talk with the press confirming that they were adults and broke up normally. They don’t talk anymore, but they are not mad at each other either. Thus, it became finally clear that this story was finished once and for all.

Serenay confessed that she postponed indefinitely the project about the singer Bergen, on which she had been working for the past three years. Now she is working on a new series on a digital platform. However, they are at the very beginning, so she cannot yet share the details of the project with journalists. She really wants to work. Recall that the Turkish press reported that the new series of Serenay for the digital platform will be similar to the vampire saga Twilight.

Also, journalists drew attention to the style of Serenay Sarıkaya, noting that she paid 5 thousand Turkish lira for the correction of eyebrows and 20 thousand Turkish lira for the outfit in which she appeared in front of journalists. The cost of the outfit was announced with accounting accuracy:

Earrings: 8 thousand 400 TL
Prada bag: 5 thousand 595 TL
Shoes: 3 thousand 960 TL
Sweatpants: 1 thousand 980 TL
Blouse: 655 TL
Hoodie: 150 TL

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