The state helps Turkish cinema

Turkish cinema

Turkish cinema

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, after subsidies to film distribution affected by the pandemic in the amount of 15.9 million Turkish lira, announced a program to support representatives of the film sector.

A total of 553 thousand lira have been allocated for 35 projects for screenwriters, 799 thousand Turkish lira for 43 short films, 200 thousand lira for 7 animated films and 230 thousand lira for the production of 3 full-length films. In total, the sector will receive 7 million 782 thousand Turkish lira for 88 projects. The number of women screenwriters and directors has increased significantly. They make up 55% of all screenwriters and 45% in other genres.

In March and April, the Ministry will be considering new applications for feature and documentary production, international co-production and post-production.

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