Perfume brand by Can Yaman

Perfume brand by Can Yaman

Perfume brand by

Italian TV show, Italian advertising, Italian sweetheart, Italian perfume brand. Сan Yaman is more and more immersed in a new life, becoming a real Italian.

Сan Yaman, who became famous in Italy for the successful series Bitter Sweet and The Daydreamer, decided to continue his collaboration with Italian producers. Recall that the actor signed a contract with Lux Vide to shoot in the series Sandokan. It is not clear when the shooting will begin, the preliminary date of October, may shift slightly due to changes in the script.

In the meantime, the actor remains on the agenda of the Italian press thanks to his high-profile romance with the host Diletta Leotta. In addition to his personal life, Can is also busy with business. As it became known, the Turkish actor decided to release a perfume of his own name. On Wednesday, July 14, appeared on Instagram with a new photo of him holding a bottle of perfume. The clothes for the photo shoot, timed to coincide with the launch of the perfume brand, were provided by the famous fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.

Italian journalists say that this is a very smart move on the part of Can, because the acting profession is very capricious. The series, featuring the star on Italian air, has been completed, another Turkish project, Bold and Beautiful, has already come to the place of the Mr Wrong series. It aroused the interest of Italian viewers for its leading actor Kıvanç Tatlitug.

Thanks to his own perfume line, Can can protect himself financially from the vicissitudes of an actor’s fate and finally gain a foothold in Italy, where he is going to start a family with his beloved.

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