Premiere date of the TV series The Guest / Misafir

Guest / Misafir

Guest / Misafir

Great news for fans of Hazal Kaya, Bugra Gulsoy and Ozan Dolunay. Fox TV will begin broadcasting a new series, The Guest starring your favorite actors, as early as next month.

Hazal Kaya, who got married and became a mother, will appear on television after a long break. Recall that the actress starred in the film What Can I Do?, and also played the main role in the Netflix TV series Pera Palas. And now the actress returns to the screens with the character Gece in the TV series Guest / Misafir. Bugra Gulsoy and Ozan Dolunay became her co-stars.

Initially, the project was being prepared for Channel D, but Fox TV bought the broadcast rights. The show is directed by Arda Sarigun. According to the official information of Fox TV channel, the broadcast of the new series will begin on Thursday, November 4.

The plot of the series: Erdem (Bugra Gulsoy) is a policeman with three children. He is a widower who brings up his kids alone. Once, having gone to a restaurant with the whole family, he saw a young girl jumping into the water. Erdem takes her to the hospital, where Gece pretends to have lost her memory. Thus, she tries to escape from her past. Erdem, worried about the girl’s condition, decides to take her home and help her overcome difficult times. This is how a new era begins in the life of Gece and Erdem’s children.

Ozan Dolunay will play a colleague of Erdem Giray. He will fall in love with Gece at first sight. Bulent Sakrak, who will play a police officer named Oguz is also in the cast of the show. He will brighten up the atmosphere of the series with his joyful character.

Recall that the series is an adaptation of the Japanese drama Oasis. Whether the show will be successful and whether it will be able to withstand the competition with strong projects on Thursday, we will find out very soon.


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