New TV series I have hope / Bir Umudum Var

 I have hope / Bir Umudum Var

I have hope /

According to Birsen Altuntas, distribution company Calinos is preparing its first series, I Have a Hope / Bir Umudum Var, which is a remake of the Korean drama ‘Lie After Lie’. Directed by Mesude Erarslan. The script was written by Nergis Otluoglu Akoglu, Gulçin Içoz, Ahmet Cotul and Hazar Koyzce. The casting of the project continues. This is the story of the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family who was accused of the murder of her husband, who brutalised her. Having given birth to a daughter in prison, she was forced to abandon the girl. After 10 years, having been released, the woman finds her child and begins to unravel the tangle of lies and betrayal that brought her to prison. At the center of the plot is her mother-in-law, a wealthy and influential lady.