What does Kerem Bürsin think about marriage and children?

and Hande Erçel are one of the most famous young couples in Turkish show business. What does the actor think about their relationship, and is he ready to start a family? The journalists of the Hurriyet publication tried to find out.

Kerem Bürsin in his last interview admitted that it is not easy to withstand public pressure when you have a woman you love. Everyone feels it’s their duty to ask when a wedding is. While he is in the process of discovering and realizing what true love is. Of course, thoughts of children also come to mind. Together with the thought that this is a huge responsibility. While these thoughts are only in the head as ideas, they have not yet formed into something concrete.

Kerem calls himself a “minimal romantic”. He likes simple things, like walking in the mountains or relaxing in a small hotel with his beloved. He prefers to enjoy what life gives him. Especially next to such a beautiful woman. Well, you can see the rest.

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