Aslı Enver’s new series for Disney Plus

Aslı Enver in the new Netflix movie

in the new Netflix movie

Great news for fans of Aslı Enver! The actress, who has signed with digital platform Disney Plus, already seems to have a new series and a new co-star. What do we know about the project of the star right now?

According to well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas is negotiating with Ay Yapım to shoot the series “Quest / Arayış” for the digital platform Disney Plus. The director of the project is Emin Alper. The plot focuses on the story of a woman who infiltrates a cult to save a friend. Mehmet Günsür is being considered for the main male role.

Aslı is also negotiating to star in the O3 Medya series “My name is Farah / Benim Adım Farah”, which is an adaptation of the famous Argentinean series “The Cleaning Lady” and tells the story of a doctor who, by the will of fate, ended up in another country as a refugee with a sick child on hands. To save her son, she starts working as a cleaner for a mafia clan, falling in love with the gang leader, who reciprocated her feelings. The series is being prepared for Fox TV.

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