New film directed by Can Ulkay

Сan Ulkay

Сan Ulkay

Can Ulkay, well known to the audience from the wonderful films “Ayla” and “Paper Lives”, became the director of a film about an outstanding Turkish para-athlete, whom many call the “Turkish Messi”.

Can Ulkay, known for the films “Ayla”, “Muslum”, “Paper Lives”, starts filming a new movie “Life with Barış / Hayatla Barış”, which will tell the amazing story of the athlete Barış Telli. Produced by 4 Story Production. Written by Koray Yeltekin and Burak Görkal.

Barış Telli lost his leg at a young age, but this did not stop him from achieving outstanding results in many sports from athletics to tennis, becoming the winner of prestigious international competitions. He also became the first physical education teacher in Turkey with a disability. Known around the world as “Messi without a leg” for his achievements in football, he is the top scorer and UEFA Amputee Player of the Year.

Several documentaries around the world were made about him, and finally, Turkish filmmakers decided to pay tribute to their outstanding compatriot. The music for the film will be written by Fahir Atakoglu, known for his work on the series “Magnificent Century”. Who will play Barış Telli will be announced in the coming days.