Beril Pozam: 5 unexpected facts

Beril Pozam

Beril Pozam

After the great success of the series ‘Golden Boy’, which continues to rise in the ratings with each episode, fans are curiously studying the biographies of the actors who star in the show. What do we know about Beril Pozam, who plays Seyran’s older sister, Suna?

Fact 1. Beril was interested in psychology and sociology. She even planned to enter the Faculty of Psychology at Istanbul University, but her love for the theater turned out to be stronger. However, the actress is still interested in psychology and considers her hobby as a good help in acting.

Fact 2. Beril has a professional theatrical education. She graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Music and Acting. She took part in various theatrical productions and admits in an interview that the theater is her true passion.

Fact 3. Beril came to Turkish cinema not as an actress, but as an assistant director, for some time assisting on film sets and moonlighting as an extra.

Fact 4. The first television work of the young actress was a small role in the TV series “Love for Show”, where she was noticed by the producers. This was followed by work in the series “Scorpion”, “Tale of the Island” and “Father”, which she left after the first season.

Fact 5. The real recognition came to Beril after the success of the series ‘Golden Boy’, where she managed to brilliantly convey the complex character of the older sister of the main character, who both loves and at the same time envies her younger sister. It seems that this show will become for the young actress a pass to the Turkish show business, where only success is recognized.

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