Sera Kutlubey: 5 unexpected facts

The rising star of the Turkish screen, Sera Kutlubey, is of great interest to Turkish viewers not only for her beauty, but also for her talent. The girl can completely transform herself for each new role. What do we know about the young actress?

Fact 1. Young Sera was in love with cinema since childhood and has gladly participated in the work of the theater club. No one in her family had any doubts about her decision to enter the Theatre Faculty of Galiç University. She also took acting lessons at the Bashkent Academy of Communications.

Fact 2. With her exquisite appearance, she began her career in show business as a model, but quickly received offers to work in TV shows. Like most young actresses, she has come a long way, receiving supporting roles in less popular television projects.

Fact 3. The real recognition came to Sera with the release of the series “Cruel Istanbul”, which was warmly received by the audience in Turkey and had a good audience abroad. This was followed by work in the hit “Hercai” and another successful series “Kindness”, where she tried to play a negative character, proving that she could handle a variety of roles.

Fact 4. Sera loves animals, she has a cat and a dog. She also maintains a good physical shape by playing sports.

Fact 5. Sera is very careful in choosing roles and gives herself completely to her character. The girl has every chance to become a real star, she just needs a little luck and another successful project where she would play the lead.