Merve Dizdar: ‘It was my best role’

Merve Dizdar, in her interview with GQ, admitted that her character Gulben in the TV series “Apartment of the Innocents” had a very strong influence on her. She nearly fell into depression. There were shootings when she had to cry for a whole week. As a result, she found herself in the dark and in a creepy mood. However, the series for the actress is the best thing that has ever happened to her. For an actor, empathy is the most important weapon. She may not have been able to let go of the character, but it’s her job to understand the people you play.

Merve also admitted that fame does not affect her much, she does not lead Merve through life. She is a theater actress and is used to discipline. In addition, the family raised her correctly. She saw everything, including lack of money. She comes from a working-class family, so she won’t be intimidated by that.

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