Barış Arduç: ‘I will not allow my daughter to appear in advertising’

Barış Arduç


Arduç, who was spotted in the Levent district the day before, gave a short interview to the Turkish press. According to the actor, he works for a whole week, but his soul remains at home with his beloved daughter. Of course, he must work, and her wonderful mother remains at home with the baby, who takes care of her. Barış personally changes diapers and it’s wonderful. At least somehow help his wife, because usually the whole burden lies on women. They give birth and take care of children. However, being a parent is an indescribable feeling, he did not see anyone complaining that they were heavily loaded.

The only thing he wants is not to miss the most important moments of growing up his daughter. He jokingly tells the baby that if she wants to take the first step, then let him call him first, he will run away from the shooting and come to her, he does not want to miss this.

When asked if they want to have a second child with Gupse, Barış admitted that they work hard and should think about being able to devote time to the baby. If they are one hundred percent sure that he will receive care and attention, then they will think about a second child. These are not toys. When you become a parent, you understand this.

Also, Barış Arduç resolutely refuses to shoot his daughter in advertising. Perhaps they will think about the proposal if we are talking about social projects. This is something that my daughter can be proud of, and it will be a good memory for her.

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