Rating for Friday, February 24

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Yalı Çapkını” increased by 0.34% in total, 0.33% in AB and 0.02% in AB1, remaining the most successful television show in Turkey this season. It seems that the producer, Onur Güvenatam, has found the key to the hearts of the audience and doesn’t want to give it to anyone.

The series “Ateş Kuşları” lost 1.93% in total, 1.47% in AB and 0.78% in AB1. The decline is very harsh and quite unexpected. Despite everything that has happened in the last two weeks, viewers returned to their screens, trying to get rid of the stress they had experienced. But this did not affect the series of producer Mehmet Bozdağ. It seems that the script needs to be changed.

The series “Kızılcık Şerbeti” lost 0.14% in total, but increased by 0.73% in AB and 0.04% in AB1. The decline in total is not significant, and it is compensated by growth in two other categories. The project is incredibly stable, and its creators may already be thinking about a second season.

The series “Barbaros Hayreddin” increased by 0.11% in total, lost 0.11% in AB, but increased by 0.24% in AB1. The numbers are low, but considering that the project of the state channel is watched by the president of the country, its creators have nothing to worry about.

The series “Sıfırıncı Gün” had an unexpected finale, losing 0.19% in total, 0.58% in AB and 0.33% in AB1. Unfortunately, despite all hopes, the fate that threatens other Turkish projects with too low ratings and not appealing to advertisers befell the series. No money, no show.

The series “Tuzak” lost 0.38% in total, increased by 0.56% in AB and lost 0.08% in AB1. The project sells well abroad, and since it is an in-house production of the TV channel, they continue to keep it on the air, despite the falling ratings.

1. Yalı Çapkını – 13.83%⬆ 
3. Ateş Kuşları – 8.25%⬇
4. Kızılcık Şerbeti – 5.17%⬇
19. Barbaros Hayreddin – 1.58%⬆
46. Tuzak – 0.85%⬇
62. Sıfırıncı Gün – 0.69%⬇ (finale)

1. Yalı Çapkını – 11.17%⬆
2. Kızılcık Şerbeti – 6.34%⬆
7. Ateş Kuşları – 3.95%⬇
9. Barbaros Hayreddin – 1.99%⬇
55. Tuzak – 0.56%⬆
64. Sıfırıncı Gün – 0.50%⬇ (finale)

1. Yalı Çapkını – 12.55%⬆
2. Kızılcık Şerbeti – 6.69%⬆
5. Ateş Kuşları – 3.95%⬇
14. Barbaros Hayreddin – 1.98%⬆
26. Tuzak – 1.21%⬇
32. Sıfırıncı Gün – 1.00%⬇ (finale)