The third season of “For my family”: what will happen if the creators end it successfully?

Yigit Koçak

Yigit Koçak

The successful series “For my family / Kardeşlerim” continues to win the hearts of viewers, with 79 episodes already under its belt. However, the writers are finding it increasingly difficult to come up with a new plot that would satisfy the fans’ demands. But at this moment, a savior character comes to the rescue, and that is exactly what Omer’s character, played by Yigit Koçak, does.

Omer elicits a range of emotions from the viewers, and when the plot becomes more and more convoluted, he becomes both the savior and the victim of the screenwriters. Fans of the series see different sides of Omer and express their recommendations about his character. Some criticize his inability to control his anger, while others blame the writers for playing with the viewers’ emotions.

Now we are witnessing a new twist in the plot, as Omer once again becomes the main hero. Fans of the series express their expectations regarding Akif’s character, played by Ceyhun Mengiroglu. Viewers do not want him to leave the story without receiving the deserved punishment for his actions. Many are waiting for the question of Akif’s fate to be resolved along with Omer, which could become the basis for the fourth season.

Omer and Akif have become key figures in the series, and it is thanks to them that the screenwriters can create new plot lines and hold the viewers’ attention. If the authors of the series can successfully conclude the third season, it will be a landmark point and an excellent starting point for new stories.

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