Will producer Onur Güvenatam go to jail?

Onur Guvenatam

Onur Guvenatam

The prosecution has requested a six-year sentence for OGM Pictures producer Onur Güvenatam on charges of “causing death by negligence” of Hasan Karatay, who died after falling from a ladder during the filming of the series “The Gift / Atiye”. The charges against artistic director Deniz Kobanbay were dropped.

At the 50th Criminal Court in Istanbul, lawyers for Onur Güvenatam, Maruf Kemal Yavuz, and Deniz Kobanbay, Süray İğitbaşı, were present. Kobanbay’s lawyer, İğitbaşı, stated that in the first expert report, her client was not found guilty, and in the second, he was accused of a violation caused by improper management and demanded the acquittal of her client.

Güvenatam’s lawyer, Yavuz, referred to two different expert reports in the case and said, “Both reports contradict each other. The prosecutor cannot give his opinion until these contradictions are eliminated. There is no connection between my client, the victim, and the incident, so questions of his guilt and responsibility cannot be considered. We ask for the acquittal of our client, and to eliminate the contradictions between the two reports, it is necessary to send the case to a third expert for examination.”

The court decided to reject the requests for a new examination, as they will not bring anything new to the case, given the conclusions gathered and all the materials in the case.