The TV series “Cranberry Sherbet” was taken off the air during its broadcast

Cranberry Sherbet / Kızılcık Şerbeti

Cranberry Sherbet / Kızılcık Şerbeti

Sad news for fans of the TV series “Cranberry Sherbet / Kızılcık Şerbeti”. The unprecedented decision of the state censor forced the Show TV channel to stop airing the show. So, what happened?

A few weeks ago, the state censor RTUK imposed an administrative fine on Show TV for showing inappropriate scenes in the “Cranberry Sherbet” series, banning the broadcast of the TV show for five weeks. The channel’s lawyers challenged the decision, and the court agreed with their arguments, allowing the series to continue. However, RTUK’s lawyers filed a complaint with the administrative court in Ankara, which overturned the first court’s decision.

Despite the fact that the RTUK decision was formally in force, Show TV decided to take a risk and aired a new episode of the “Cranberry Sherbet” series on Friday. However, as channel managers later explained, they received a call from the censorship office threatening to revoke their broadcasting license. The threat was taken seriously, and the channel stopped airing the show.

The television community in Turkey is extremely concerned about this unprecedented censorship, which has set a dangerous precedent. Many actors and directors have openly condemned RTUK’s actions. The channel’s lawyers have filed an appeal in the case.

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