Feyza Civelek: “I am playing the character of my dreams”

Feyza Civelek

Feyza Civelek

Actress Feyza Civelek is living her dream in the series “Cranberry Sherbet / Kızılcık Şerbeti” where she plays the character Nilay. Despite the fact that the state censor imposed a fine on the project for 5 episodes and the film crew went on vacation, the viewers remain loyal to the series, which is planned to return to the air on May 19th.

Fans of the series are wondering if it will return to the air at all, but producers Gold Film and Show TV are ready to defend it.

Feyza Civelek admitted that she loves the acting profession very much and said that she is in a great working mood. Her career includes projects such as “The girl named Feriha”, “War of Roses”, “Enough Hope” and “My Left Side”. While the forced break continues, she is doing sports and working on developing her acting skills.

Feyza always dreamed of playing a negative character, and she loves her character Nilay, who was a very lonely person, but she tried to show her from all sides. The actress is happy to play roles that are different from her own personal qualities, and Nilay is the character of her dreams, whom she enjoys playing.

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