Rating for Wednesday, May 17

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Kuruluş Osman” grew by 0.33% in total and by 0.12% in AB. Producer Mehmet Bozdağ’s historical shows are known for their stability and loyal audience. The series will continue into its fifth season with excellent results and the main character will continue working on the show for another year.

The series “Adım Farah” experienced a decrease of 0.26% in total and 0.25% in AB. The numbers are not significant, but they are relatively stable. Moreover, the international sales of the show are excellent. It’s not surprising that it has been renewed for the next season. There are two episodes left in the current season.

The series “Çöp Adam” grew by 0.03% in total but experienced a decrease of 0.16% in AB. There is no information available yet regarding the fate of the show. It is unknown whether it will have a finale or if it will be renewed.

The series “Kraliçe” grew by 0.16% in total and 0.38% in AB. The channel has not made a decision yet on whether to conclude the show or give it another chance in the next season.

1. Kuruluş Osman – 8.40%⬆
8. Adım Farah – 3.60%⬇
9. Çöp Adam – 3.08%⬆
12. Kraliçe – 2.37%⬆

1. Kuruluş Osman – 5.48%⬆
4. Adım Farah – 3.56%⬇
5. Çöp Adam – 3.55%⬇
12. Kraliçe – 1.90%⬆