Hilal Altınbilek’s new series

Hilal Altınbilek

Hilal Altınbilek

Great news for Hilal Altınbilek fans! The actress is making a comeback to television screens with a new series by renowned producer Fatih Aksoy. What do we know about the TV show right now?

Prominent journalist Birsen Altuntaş reports that she has learned the title and the lead actress of the new series from the team behind the famous hit “The Bandits.” The series, which will be produced for FOX TV, will be produced by Bahadır Özdener and Fatih Aksoy.

Rumors have it that the series is titled “Endless Love / Hudutsuz Sevda.” Hilal Altınbilek will play the lead female role. According to preliminary information, she has already agreed to be part of the TV show, which will revolve around the themes of mafia, revenge, and, of course, love.

Recently, Hilal met with Fatih Aksoy, one of the producers of the series, during a Turkish Airlines event in Panama. The initial episodes of the series will be filmed in the Black Sea region, although the director has not been found yet.


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