Rating for Monday, July 10

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Üvey Anne” (Stepmother) increased by 0.26% in total viewership but lost 0.84% in AB viewership. The ratings for all series this summer are quite modest, and it seems that this project will only stay on air until the end of the summer season.

The series “Veda Mektubu” (Farewell Letter) increased by 0.31% in total viewership but lost 0.24% in AB viewership. It should be noted that the series is supposed to conclude in two episodes, but the channel may extend its airing for an additional 4 episodes if the ratings remain good. However, the prospect of an extension is quite uncertain at the moment.

The series “Maviye Sürgün” (Blue Cage) lost 0.14% in total viewership and 0.45% in AB viewership. It seems that the project didn’t resonate well with Turkish viewers. Although it was filmed in its entirety, we will still get to see the story in its entirety without any interruption, unlike what often happens.

2. Üvey Anne – 2.83%⬆
3. Veda Mektubu – 2.49%⬆
15. Maviye Sürgün – 1.25%⬇

1. Üvey Anne – 1.63%⬇
6. Veda Mektubu – 1.55%⬇
13. Maviye Sürgün – 1.09%⬇