Turkish producers have sparked a scandal

Fatih Aksoy

Fatih Aksoy

In the world of Turkish TV series, a heated conflict erupted between two influential producers, and the accusation “You stole my screenwriters!” was voiced. The situation escalated to the point of almost turning into a fistfight. The confrontation unfolded between Fatih Aksoy, the head of two major production companies, Medyapım and MF Yapım, and Şaner Ayar, the owner of O3 Medya.

Last night at the Akatlar location, often frequented by celebrities, a serious altercation broke out. Two leading figures in the TV series world, Fatih Aksoy and Şaner Ayar, clashed. Witnesses report that around 22:30, Fatih Aksoy and his colleague, the chief producer of Ay Yapım, Kerem Çatay, entered one of the clubs.

Coincidentally, two pillars of the television industry, Şaner Ayar and Mehmet Yiğit Alp, happened to be in the same place. Upon seeing Şaner Ayar, Fatih Aksoy confronted him with accusations that he took successful screenwriters Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gür from him, with whom he had collaborated for six years on the series “Forbidden Fruit.”

Şaner Ayar didn’t hold back his words, and the situation became heated. The escalating conflict was diffused thanks to the intervention of people on the sidelines, including former national team player Mehmet Ökür.

Şaner Ayar announced that Melis Civelek, Zeynep Gür, and Özge Özpirinçci are ready for a new project, where Özge will play the role of the main heroine. The screenwriters are also working on the script for the series “Cranberry Sherbet,” which is popular and produced by Gold Film on Show TV channel.