Hazal Subaşı: The Struggle for Recognition

Hazal Subaşı

Hazal Subaşı

Great news for Hazal Subaşı’s fans! Thanks to her work in the new series on channel D, the young actress could very well become one of the leading stars of Turkish television.

The Turkish audience’s perception of Hazal Subaşı has always been mixed. Some criticized her for allegedly having inexpressive emotions and lacking charisma, while others believed she was a talented actress who simply didn’t receive the recognition she deserved.

Hazal began her career in daytime series, which are considered less prestigious in Turkey compared to prime-time series. However, she managed to rise to stardom by starring in popular shows like “Çukur” and “Halka”.

In 2023, the young actress embarked on a new series titled “The Stone of Desires / Dilek Taşı,” where she was able to showcase her talent. She convincingly portrayed the role of a young woman fighting for her love and happiness. Perhaps, thanks to this new show, she will finally win the viewers’ love and recognition.

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