Simay Barlas: career breakthrough?

Simay Barlas

Simay Barlas

Great news for fans of the young Turkish star Simay Barlas! The star of the series “Wild Heart” has caught the attention of the Turkish press and viewers, emerging as a highlight of the new television season. What lies ahead for the young actress in her future career?

The star of the series “Wild Heart / Yabani,” Simay Barlas, has garnered attention from the Turkish press in the past month, becoming one of the most promising young actresses in Turkish television. Her on-screen chemistry with Halit Ozgur Sarı is highly popular among viewers, who note the excellent interaction between the young actors.

The series “Wild Heart” has become a show that attracted attention not only in Turkey but also worldwide. Several foreign channels have shown interest in acquiring the show. For Simay, the series has been a significant breakthrough in her career. Although the actress, who debuted in 2015, has already played roles in several notable shows, her portrayal of Ruya could become her signature role.

In a recent interview, the young actress shared that she is inspired by strong women. “Strong women who know themselves, who treat themselves well, who accept themselves with their mistakes and rights, who are calm, who do not give up, who smile at life despite everything, who stand firmly on the ground, they are the best,” she said.

Undoubtedly, Simay Barlas’s career is on the rise, and she has every chance to become a true star. However, it all depends on the reaction of the Turkish audience to the Fox TV series. Whether it can maintain the audience’s attention will be revealed with time.

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