Cocoa Media is a new distributor of Turkish TV series

Cocoa Media

Cocoa Media

Media industry veteran Christian Toxvig has launched the distribution company Cocoa Media, focusing on providing Turkish TV series to global Free Ad-supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels.

Toxvig, former Senior Vice President of HBO Max and Chief Commercial Officer of iFlix, has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Turkish content aggregator Merzigo to expand access to Turkish dramas on FAST platforms such as LG, Samsung TV Plus, Philips, and Rlaxx TV.

Cocoa Media will offer an extensive library of both classic and new Turkish dramatic series for major FAST platforms.

In partnership with Merzigo, Cocoa Media will leverage content from leading Turkish producers and TV companies, including Acun Medya, Tims & B, Fox, KanalD, and TV8. Their lineup includes hits like “Magnificent Century,” “Forbidden Fruit,” “The girl named Feriha,” “Golden Boy,” “Knock on My Door,” and “The Good Doctor.”

Cocoa Media is launching its content under the brands Merhaba Turkish Drama and Merhaba Turkish Films, as well as in the form of AVOD series.

The launch of AVOD channels and content is planned in the coming months on various platforms, including Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels, Philips Titan, Rlaxx TV, and others. The company also plans to expand its portfolio with new shows, ensuring a continuous supply of engaging content in the future.

Cocoa Media’s content will be provided with subtitles or dubbing according to the requirements of each region.

Christian Toxvig will present his project at the Mipcom TV exhibition in Cannes and participate in discussions during the FAST & Global Summit.