New series starring Onur Tunа and Hilаl Altınbilek: expectations and hopes

My Wonderful Life / Şahane Hayatım

My Wonderful Life / Şahane Hayatım

Stars of the series “My Beautiful Life / Şahane Hayatım,” Hilal Altınbilek and Onur Tuna, unveiled their new show at the international media content exhibition in Cannes. Fans of the actors are filled with both hope and concern, as the fate of every series depends on ratings.

Fox TV channel presented the audience with trailers for the series “My Beautiful Life / Şahane Hayatım,” starring Hilal Altınbilek and Onur Tuna in leading roles. The show’s stars appeared in stylish attire at the MIPCOM media content exhibition in Cannes, introducing their new work to an international audience.

Fans are confident that Onur Tuna and Hilal Altınbilek will make a beautiful on-screen couple. It seems that the show’s creators share this confidence, presenting their new series at a prestigious international event. An intensive advertising campaign also suggests that the producers expect positive results.

However, it is essential to note that in Turkey, there is no guarantee of success for any project, regardless of its storyline or cast. Whether the series “My Beautiful Life” can make a strong impression and become one of the sought-after shows in the new television season is unknown. Viewers will have to wait for the premiere and see the outcome.


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