Rating for Sunday, October 22, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The ratings for Sunday brought Turkish viewers the return of the popular TRT1 channel series “Teşkilat” with its fourth season. The show started with a new story and a refreshed team, displaying considerable vitality. Let’s see if the writers can maintain the audience’s attention further.

The series “Yargı” increased by 0.03% in total and 0.58% in AB. The remarkable resilience for the third consecutive year demonstrates the undeniable talent of the writer Sema Ergenekon, who consistently creates a high-quality product at a very intensive pace. Recall that the third season was supposed to be the final for the series, but if the ratings remain the same, it is not excluded that the producers at Ay Yapim might consider extending the show for another season.

The series “Kirli Sepeti” lost 0.01% in total but increased by 0.52% in AB. Overall, the show by producer Fatih Aksoy is holding up well, although it doesn’t shine with outstanding results. However, stability is also a good outcome.

1. Yargı – 5.72%⬆
2. Teşkilat – 5.49%🆕
3. Kirli Sepeti – 4.49%⬇

1. Yargı – 6.85%⬆
3. Teşkilat – 5.09%🆕
5. Kirli Sepeti – 3.80%⬆