Emre Altuğ: ‘I’m ready for a new relationship’

Emre Altuğ

Emre Altuğ

Popular Turkish singer and actor Emre Altuğ, who has been in the spotlight for his role in the series “Golden Boy,” met with fans in Cyprus in anticipation of the New Year. During the meeting, the 54-year-old actor mentioned that he has been single for a long time.

When asked by journalists, “When will we see someone with you?” Emre replied, “You will see when the time comes. I am ready for a relationship, but I haven’t found the right person yet.”

It’s worth noting that Emre Altuğ arrived at the “Golden Butterfly” awards ceremony hand in hand with his co-star Gözde Kansu from the series. However, he later stated, “It was a spontaneous decision. Gözde is a very close friend of mine, and I just supported her so she wouldn’t fall.”

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