The Turkish producers caused a scandal in Miami

Turkish Drama Gala

Turkish Drama Gala

Birsen Altuntaş reported a major conflict between Turkish producers in Miami.

The Turkish Drama Gala evening, organized on Monday night in Miami, was supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Miami and the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, and sponsored by Turkish Airlines. Everything was going well until the presentation prepared by the distribution company Madd Entertainment, created by MedYapım and Ay Yapım, on the first page for foreign buyers caused outrage among other Turkish production companies.

In their presentation, Madd Entertainment used visual materials from their own series “Endless Love / Hudutsuz Sevda,” “Wild / Yabani,” “Dirty Laundry / Kirli Sepeti,” and “My Beautiful Life / Şahane Hayatım,” as well as images from series of other Turkish producers. They characterized the series of other producers, such as “Red Buds / Kızıl Goncalar,” “Scent of the Trunk / Sandık Kokusu,” “Hide Me / Sakla Beni,” “Sapphire / Safir,” “Stone of Wishes / Dilek Taşı,” and “Completely Different / Bambaşka Biri,” as series without sales potential.

According to information, this presentation was used both in negotiations and as an informational message in the form of a WhatsApp message to international buyers. This caused dissatisfaction among other producers who accused Madd Entertainment of using the names of their series for discrediting purposes. Some producers, considering such behavior inconsistent with competition ethics, are preparing to take legal action.