Rating for Sunday, February 18, 2024

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Intelligence (Teşkilat)” grew by 0.68% in total and by 0.41% in AB. The show by producer Timur Savcı’s company still maintains good ratings and will likely proceed to its fifth season. There may be a team refresh, but for such a series, this is not a problem. Viewers are interested in the story itself, and while stars play an important role, they are not decisive.

The series “Dirty Basket (Kirli Sepeti)” grew by 0.53% in total and by 0.06% in AB. The show on the Fox TV channel by producer Fatih Aksoy feels comfortable on air, although it has relatively low ratings among educated and affluent audiences. However, it’s not aimed at them. A second season is quite possible, although the decision will be based on the results of spring ratings.

The series “Family Secrets (Yargı)” grew by 0.01% in total but lost 0.24% in AB. Producer Kerem Çatay’s show has a stable audience that will stay with it until the finale, scheduled for late May to early June. The series will be another success for Ay Yapım, demonstrating its strength in international markets.

1. Family Secrets (Yargı) – 4.49%⬆
2. Intelligence (Teşkilat) – 6.11%⬆
4. Dirty Basket (Kirli Sepeti) – 5.51%⬆

2. Family Secrets (Yargı) – 5.71%⬇
3. Intelligence (Teşkilat) – 5.04%⬆
4. Dirty Basket (Kirli Sepeti) – 2.76%⬆