Farah Zeynep Abdullah VS Netflix

Farah Zeynep Abdullah

Farah Zeynep Abdullah

Birsen Altuntaş reported that the renowned screenwriter Ali Aydın, who has drawn attention with his critical remarks about the world of series in recent months, received support from Farah Zeynep Abdullah regarding his criticism of Netflix Turkey’s management.

Addressing Pelin Diştaş, the head of Netflix Turkey, Ali Aydın stated, “You are the heirs of Aydın Doğan… I criticize you as it befits you, respected Pelin Diştaş… When you were the general manager of Kanal D, the situation was the same. The year is 2024… Now Netflix has become like Kanal D in the 2000s, but the friends remain the same, enriching themselves the same, and the ones becoming poorer are the same…”

Farah Zeynep Abdullah shared this post with a comment: “I also wondered why Netflix is managed like a YouTube channel… Looking forward to further developments…”

It is worth noting that Kanal D in the 2000s had hits like “Forbidden Love” and “What is Fatmagül’s Crime?” Currently, Netflix Turkey’s series and films regularly rank among the top on Netflix worldwide, enjoying popularity among the platform’s subscribers. Additionally, Pelin Diştaş does not neglect niche projects, such as “We Met in Istanbul” or “Fatma.” Perhaps the question needs to be formulated differently: why is Farah Zeynep Abdullah not cast in Netflix projects?

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