Why did Can Yaman get offended by the fan?

Can Yaman

Can Yaman

A serious scandal erupted around the Turkish actor Can Yaman. What happened this time, and why did the actor get offended by his longtime fan?

One of his dedicated fans allowed herself to speculate that following recent hard training sessions with a choreographer, the star of the series “Sandokan” would undoubtedly be enticed to participate in the entertainment TV show “Dancing with the Stars”.

But Can didn’t like the kind comment. In response to the fan’s statement, the actor stated that such a proposition would not be considered a professional advancement for him. “Besides, after ‘Sandokan,’ I will still be invited everywhere, just as I am now,” he added.

Realizing that she might have hurt the feelings of her idol, the fan attempted to soften the situation by apologizing. However, Can simply dismissed it, claiming that for an actor of his international reputation, appearing in low-budget television productions, as others do, is improper and short of praise. While the fan’s statement didn’t affect him, he doesn’t view it as a compliment.

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