Bergüzar Korel and Engin Akyurek – new movie

Bergüzar Korel and Engin Akyurek

and Engin Akyurek

Bergüzar Korel, who shared the leading role with her husband in the series Wounded Love. Сut off her hair after the end of the series, which greatly impressed everyone.

A famous actress, who took a break in the shooting for a certain time, will star in the film of her friend Ali Bilgin. The director of the TV series Medcezir and Stiletto Vendetta Ali Bilgin, after his last project went on vacation, began work on the film, the preliminary title of which is “Another Chance”.

In the film produced by AY Yapim company, Engin Akyurek was initially selected for the main male role. Thus, Bergüzar Korel and Engin Akyurek will meet in the joint project, which the fans have been waiting for a long time

In the film, which is planned to be released in November, Engin will play the role of advertising director, and Bergüzar as executive director


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