Merve Boluğur and Hakan Sabanci – new affair

Merve Boluğur

Merve Boluğur

The relationship between one of the wealthiest heirs of Turkey Hakan Sabanci and Merve Boluğur moved to a new level. When the young man brought his new passion for the birthday of his elder brother Haci Sabanci.

But Merve has not yet met with Hakan’s mother Arzu, as it turned out the socialite left the party a little earlier. Apparently, it’s too early to meet the parents

Merve and Hakan live a stormy romance this summer. However, the new love of Merve was not to taste at once to her two girlfriends – Eliz Sakuçoğlu and Aslışah Alkoçlar. Both of them had previously met with Hakan and both unanimously unsubscribed from Merve in social networks.

Women’s jealousy is a terrible thing

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